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Community Equity Training Feb 23rd, 9:00-1:00

This is part two of the workshop that took place on February 2nd, but part 1 is not required to participate. All are welcome to attend.
Join us in contributing to our collective consciousness about racial equity, and get answers to questions like:
What is equity work?
Why the focus on race?
How can I talk to my kids about race and equity?
What can I do to make a positive impact?

Final Week of our Annual Appeal

This is a the final week of our Annual Appeal campaign. Thank you to all who have contributed quotes, donated money, and shared encouraging words.

So far, with your support, we've raised nearly $11,000. That is fantastic. We have $4000 to go to meet our fundraising goal for this appeal.

PVS Digest - 9/10/18

Portland Village School Weekly News - Catch up on the latest announcements, events, and resources with our weekly digest.

The Village Fun Run

Sunday, Sept 23, from 12 – 4 pm
Join together for Portland Village School's fourth annual, Village Fun Run at Gamman's Park.
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