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After School Programs

We are excited to offer After School Programs for our students.  Additional information for the programs can be found in the fliers available below.  


Adventures in Spanish (Grades 2nd-5th)

Students will start speaking in phrases from the very first class using "puzzle piece" sentences, role-plays, active book reading and more! Our instructors create an environment that fosters a natural process to using language. Students speak to each other, have opportunities to be "teacher" and build confidence in themselves as individuals.

Where:  PVS - Fridays 3:05-4:05 January 4 - March 1,  No class February 15th  
Cost: $132 (some scholarships available)

Contact: Nina Kelley 


Kid's Yoga

This yoga class designed for children in Kindergarten through grade 3 starts with a warm-up and then the bulk of the class is moving through an idea and/or story (for example, inclusion and acceptance) or how to deal with a potential problem (being scared, lonely, etc.) while creating poses with our bodies. Poses might be traditional, but called names that correlate with story/idea. Others might be variations of traditional poses, but are modified for the story. Class ends with a few moments of savasana when children are led through a short story with a meaning that correlates to our class that afternoon, or something different that will promote imagination and relaxation

Where:  Ms. Puk's classroom

When:  Thursdays, 2:15-3:15pm

Who:  PVS Students in Kinder-3rd grade

Cost:  $100 per student (October 11-December 20)

Contact: Abbey Steinbrink, certified children's yoga instructor,


Kids Yoga – Winter Term

Where:  Ms. Puk's classroom

When:  Thursdays, 2:15-3:15pm

Session 1: January 3 - Feb. 29 

           Session 2: March 7 - May 16

Who:  PVS Students in Kinder-3rd grade

Cost:  $100 per student/per session (10 Classes)


Contact: Abbey Steinbrink, certified children's yoga instructor,

Power Yoga

This class is for older kids (4th -8th).   We will dive into multiple types of yoga that deal with connecting breath with the body. The class will explore stress reducing meditation, focus on gaining strength and determination, and ultimately allowing the person to develop the ability to navigate their life with the tools they’ve learned in their yoga practice. We will laugh a little, talk about life and become powerful together.  

It’s important to enroll your child only if they are very interested in yoga. The practice requires concentration and dedication to learning about mind/body connection.

Where: Classroom TBA

When: Wednesdays, 3:30 - 4:30,  01/02/19 - 02/27/19

Who: PVS Students from 4th -8th grade

Cost: $90.00 per student 

Contact: Monica Paisner, certified yoga instructor,

Materials: **Please wear comfortable clothes and bring yoga mat**

Student Government

Students in grades 6-8 have an opportunity to work collectively to address aspects of their school that are important to them.  Teachers will guide the students in forming an effective democratic government to address issues, invoke change, and have their voices heard.

Where:  Mrs. Garrott's 7th Grade classroom

When:  Fridays, 1:20-2 pm

Who:  PVS Students in 6-8th grade

Cost:  Free

Contact: Claire Garrott, 7th grade teacher,


Circus Arts

Enter the virtuosic world of clowning, tumble the roads of acrobats, and unlock the potential of creative circus while we explore in a safe and joyous way. 


Circus Arts - Spring Term:

Where: Portland village School 



Tuesdays (K-2) from April 2nd - May 21st  

Wednesdays(Grades 3+)  April 3rd - May 22nd

(please refer to flier for more specific date information and holiday schedule) 

Cost: $150 per child

Contact: Marina

PARKOUR AND FREERUNNING - Foundations and Advanced Progressions

Train your body and mind to easily overcome obstacles in creative, sustainable, and fun ways, while fluidly adapting one's movements to the environment. Two teachers. Two groups, training mostly separately.


Where: PVS - upper school basement / outside

When: Thursdays 2:15pm-3:15pm. April 4th- June 6th 10 classes.

Who: PVS students age 7+

Cost: $150 refer to flyer.

Contact: Noah Fassell

With all of our after school clubs and activities, please refer to the flier or club teacher for specific holidays or cancellations of club.