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We are so excited for the 2023-2024 school year!
This is a place where families can find answers to
common questions about the upcoming school year.
2023-2024 FAQ's
At PVS, we start school on Wednesday, August 30th
School drop-off begins at 8:15am and our day starts at 8:30am.
Our school week is M,T,Th,F, 8:30am-3:00pm. Wednesdays are our Early Release Day at 2:00pm
If your student is late at drop-off, they will check in with the Front Office in the entrance of our lower school.
We are excited to have an in-house program for the 2023-2024 school year!
Please see details about our Extended Care Program page on our website here:



  •      Portland Village School Community Digest emails are sent every Monday –  please be sure to read them! PVS archives all digest communications here. If you are not receiving digests, please check your spam filter. If you are still not receiving PVS Digests, contact the Front Office at [email protected]
  •      Browse the PVS website – please note the PVS calendar, archives of the PVS Digest, and various tabs that are of interest to current families.
  •      Be sure you are connected to your students’ class group email list. See your child’s teacher for details.
  •       Always update your contact information with the Front Office (email and home address). Call 503.445.0056 or email [email protected]
  •       Attend Portland Village Family Association Meetings. All grown-ups of students are invited! Learn more about monthly meetings and events here. PVFA meetings will also be announced in the PVS digests.
  •       Attend PVS Board of Directors meetings. You can find out about board work and open meeting times here. Board updates and meeting times are sent regularly through all-school email announcements. The board welcomes you!
All students need to bring a snack for the day. If your family needs support with snacks, please contact our school counselor or the front office at [email protected]
Students are welcome to bring a lunch from home, if they choose.
Please see the link here for details about our hot lunch program.
PVS provides all classroom supplies for each student. We do request a Materials & Activities donation every year to cover the cost of supplies, materials, and experiences that every student receives, regardless of their ability to pay. Every dollar counts, so we ask that each family donate what feels comfortable to them up to the requested amount of $195 per student per year. Families may feel they are able to cover the cost of another child, and we welcome that donation as well.
Thank you for supporting our enriching Waldorf curriculum for all students!
More information about our Materials & Activities donation request and how to pay it is here:

Drop-off/Pick-up/Parking Info

If you are planning to drop-off by car, you can use the drive-thru in our parking lot area between our two school buildings in the morning. It is drive-thru only during drop-off time and not used as a parking lot for any reason. Most folks enter the lot by going down Lombard and taking a right (N) on Delaware. You will wait until your car is in the front of the line of cars for your child to exit. There will be attendants stationed to help. Please be ready for your child to exit the car quickly and safely. It is recommended to only drive N on Delaware at drop-off and pick up times. The street is very narrow and cars can, unfortunately, get quite jammed, especially if drivers go both directions at those busy times. 

Drop-off starts at 8:15am and school starts at 8:30am. 

We also have a parking lot one block N of the school on Farragut and Delaware. There is one entrance and one exit. Cars park in 2 lines, which you will see. Families can park there and walk up to drop-off or pick-up their students. Many lower school students are picked up in front of the school in the afternoons. Please confirm your child's pick-up location with your teacher.

There is no drive-thru option for pick-up.

You are also welcome to park in the neighborhood. We just ask families to be respectful of neighbor driveways and park only where legal. Also, please only park on the side of the street that is legal for the direction you are going. Do not park against traffic, on the wrong side of the street.
Please be mindful of "no parking" signs. Parking legally helps with the flow of traffic and centers safety of students and families.
If your child is 4th grade or older, they can self sign-out with parent permission. You must fill out a self sign-out permission slip which can be found at our Front Office in the Lower School. Once the permission slip is received, your child can leave their classroom by themselves at the end of the day.
Please see the above question about the pick-up process!
If your child arrives after 8:30am, they must check in at the Front Office in the Lower School entry way. 
You can find a school calendar on our website under the Resources tab on this page

Family Handbook:

The Family Handbook contains a variety of important information related to our school:
Join the Portland Village School Family Association
Looking for ways to stay informed about school news and activities?
Are you interested in supporting  PVS and your child's classroom?
See the PVFA web page here:
If you are a Kindergarten family, please click on the below button to a document that PVS makes available during our yearly Open House. You may find the information helpful.
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