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New Home Search

Please return to this page for updates on our search for a new school building and location.

Posted 8/25/22


New Home Update:


This week PVS met with a potential landlord to discuss what our program looks like and explore how we might be a match for each other's needs, we are continuing that conversation and moving onto possible next steps. We are also planning tours of two other buildings available for purchase! We are still in the process of exploring two additional options that we learned about through PVS parent recommendations. PVS is feeling hopeful about our recent meetings with our realtor team and will keep you posted about new updates.


If you have a possible location, please reach out to Ian and Dr. J.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Posted 5/25/22
New Home Update:
PVS is continuing the new home search. This week members of the PVS new home committee are meeting with the realtor team to discuss a possible location and our strategy for counter offering. In the meantime, additional searches with our realtors are ongoing and we continue a look for our new home.
Posted 2/24/22
Please see the New Home Search FAQ page here
Posted 2/23/22
PVS is committed to finding a new home for our school community, we are optimistic and open minded in finding a new location for our school - and this search is ongoing.
Some members of the home committee members meet with our realtor team regularly - on a weekly or every other week basis. We have looked again at our critical minimums for space requirements, and have a list of some new possibilities that might or might not fit our needs. Our realtors have doubled down on calling and searching for locations that could work for PVS. This week select members of the new home committee will conduct some drive by evaluations of possible sites. Once we see these locations in person, we will have more information on the next steps in the process - we will keep you informed as we know more.
We are also in the process of compiling an FAQ document that will hopefully answer some of your questions. This is going to be added to our website - be on the lookout for more information next week on this addition to our website.
Found a possible site? Please email Dr. J and Tom Klein. We are forwarding any site information to our realtors and your suggestions will funnel into our screening process.
Letter to the PVS Community 1/24/22
Dear PVS Community, 
In December we wrote to outline the process for next steps as we explore options for relocating our school. The timeline remains the same; we have to move out of our current location by July 1, 2023 because our landlords have given us notice. We shared our desire to be as transparent as possible throughout this process -- one which has many moving parts, as you can imagine. Moving a school as large as ours would be challenging even in the best of commercial real estate markets. We are one of the largest charter schools in Portland, with over 420 students.
Since we last wrote, and in the time since our listening session, we have learned that the only viable option identified thus far, the SW Raab Road site, is now pending to another buyer. Our understanding is that the buyer they have chosen does not need the additional zoning review that our school would need, which is another layer in our search process. 
Our next steps will be to regroup with our realtors this week. Thankfully we have a very qualified team helping us undertake this search! Our New Home Committee has continued to work in the background as well and will be outlining additional next steps. 
Please know that we are working very hard to explore all options for our school, and will continue to keep the community updated as we have any information to share. 
The PVS Board of Directors, and Executive Director, Dr. J. Stackhouse
Please find our contact information on the school website.
We'd love to hear from you.
Posted 1/15/22
Here is some background information about our New Home search:
Last summer we learned that our landlord is exercising the option of early lease termination for our current school home. This means PVS will need to vacate our current buildings by July 1, 2023. As those of you who have been at our school for a while know, we have been renting since our school opened and have contended with the possibility of having to move at multiple junctures. This time the building owners have officially given us our notice and we will need to find a new home in the very near future so that we have time to prepare it for opening for the 2023-2024 school year
It is an exciting opportunity for us to find and develop a school building that meets our needs more completely and allows for expansion and growth of our programs. We are working to purchase a new home so that we can ensure that our school has a permanent location to grow and thrive. 
To that end, our school administration and New Home Committee and Board of Directors contracted with Cushman Wakefield to find a new location as soon as we received our notice last summer. The work to locate a new home is ongoing. In recent weeks we have held a public Board of Directors meeting on this topic and advanced the conversation at our December Board of Directors meeting.
Please see our Board Of Directors page here