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Notes of Gratitude
Thanks to all for your contributions of food, time, and good will! We hope you had as good a time as we did and enjoyed the magic of our school and community - whether it was the special joy of our youngest members finding the Pocket Fairy, the sounds of the musicians and children laughing, the smells of popcorn, cider, and soup, or the energy of countless children buzzing from sugary cakes. 
While we cannot name everyone who contributed to the Craft Fair with time well spent, we would like to recognize several people without whom it would not have been such a joyful experience:
Thanks to Jane Graybill and Dorine Nafziger - previous Craft Fair organizers - thank you for your expert advice and guidance, and thank you for so ably lighting our way.
Thanks to the various activity leads: Stacy Smelser (student vendors), Felicia Ferruzza (cake hop), Sara Dyer (vendors), Margaux Taylor (kitchen), Emily Mieren (candle rolling), and Carrie Scaramastra (crafty cave).
Thanks to those who gave hours of assistance and wisdom: Sherry O'Connor, Kristen Saxton, Dre Davey, Jessica Scheper, Krista Wheeler, Erin Kelley, Mary Li, Dennis Terzian, Sara Sherwood, Tobias Sherwood, Stephen Hamilton, Emily Clayton, Mo Markey, and our Board of Directors.
Thanks to all the many hours of cooking, baking and crafting this community put in to create so many beautiful and delicious treats.
There is still an opportunity to continue our fundraising through the month of December! Jessie will be at the school selling remaining packages of pocket fairy items, advent calendars, pies, totes and t-shirts. Proceeds go to our teachers.
All the best - Heather, Jessie, and Laurie
p.s. - if you feel inspired to participate or join the team next year, please let us know at It's not too early to start planning for November 16, 2019. Always the third Saturday in November.
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There are many ways to volunteer and give to the PVS Craft Fair, one of which is general donations towards the event.  Participation in any way that your family is able to contribute is greatly appreciated. 
General Donations & Vendor fees
(please specify your name/purpose of donation)
General Donations &
Vendor fees
(please specify your name/purpose of donation)