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Craft Fair

Volunteers needed for the Craft Fair!
The 10th Annual Portland Village Craft Fair is four weeks away: 
Saturday, November 17th, from 10am-4pm
Many Ways to Contribute...
Are you interested in having fun, creating memories, and raising money for our beloved teachers? Would you like to contribute to the Craft Fair and implement your ideas to make it even more spectacular?
If so, please join us at the next Craft Fair planning meeting, Monday, October 29th 6:30pm - 8:30pm in the lower school community space where we will discuss the many volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved. 
Bring your crafts to work on during the meeting and your creative ideas! Refreshments will be provided!
What about class roles?
Each class is asked to coordinate a special activity at the Fair. 
  • 8th grade - Saturday, 11/17 - Bus tables in the café
  • 7th grade - Thursday, 11/15 - Shine up the school before event
  • 6th grade - Saturday, 11/17 - Crafty Cave
  • 5th grade - Saturday, 11/17 - Nutkin's Cake Hop 
  • 4th grade - Saturday, 11/17 - Candlelight Room 
  • K-3rd grade - Saturday, 11/17 - Soup and baked treats
How do I sign up to volunteer?

Following are just a few of the activities the Craft Fair has in store for which we need your help:

  • Nutkin's Cake Hop
    We need 2 parent volunteers from the 5th grade to lead this popular event. Additional volunteers are needed to bake cakes and/or procure donations of cakes from local businesses, set up the activity, select the music, and help with clean-up.
  • Storytelling Room
    This activity provides a magical and peaceful space for young children to get away from the noise and bustling crowd of the Fair. Books will be provided for those who prefer to read from a book, selected from our new library. If you know a good storyteller, please send them our way!
Craft Gatherings
The Pocket Fairy needs our help to fill those pockets, working together to hand make items from natural material.  NO NUTS or NUT SHELLS.
Host a gathering to make crafts! 
  • It's a fun way to get to know other families 
  • There is no formal approach to it - just gather a group and start crafting. Anyone can initiate it.
  • Here is a link to an awesome collection of pocket-sized craft ideas on Pinterest to get the ideas flowing: 
We believe in you!  
We challenge each class to make at least 250 items!
A special hand-made gift goes to the class that makes 
the most items!
  • All items are needed by Friday, November 9th
  • Please see Jessie Benenson to hand-off items directly
  • Questions?  Contact Jessie Benenson, 503-944-9566
Student Vendors
If your student is interested in having a table to sell your crafts, please read, print, and fill out the application. Be sure to review the requirements for what you can and cannot sell. 
  • Printed applications are available at the front office
  • Submit application by Friday, November 9th
  • Hand in to the front office of the Lower School
  • Questions?  Contact Stacy Smelser, 503-313-6378
Spread the Word
Each of us can contribute to the continued success of the Craft Fair by spreading the word: 
Tell your neighbors, friends and families about the 
10th Annual Portland Village Craft Fair. 
Keep an eye out for future Craft Fair emails as we'll communicate vendor highlights, volunteer needs, and general information over the next few weeks. We are open to ideas and feedback, so please let us know how you think we can make the Craft Fair even more magical and rewarding for everyone!
Happy Crafting,
The Craft Fair Team - 
Heather Acar, Jessie Benenson, and Laurie Daley
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There are many ways to volunteer and give to the PVS Craft Fair, one of which is general donations towards the event.  Participation in any way that your family is able to contribute is greatly appreciated. 
General Donations & Vendor fees
(please specify your name/purpose of donation)
General Donations &
Vendor fees
(please specify your name/purpose of donation)