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Support PVS

There are many ways that you can support PVS! From volunteering in your classroom or at an all-school community event, to paying the materials fee for your children and attending/participating in other annual fundraisers such as the Craft Fair & Auction. Volunteerism is the cornerstone of charter school education and the higher our  commitment is to that, the stronger our community and our school becomes. Email about volunteer opportunities.

While volunteering is crucial to the success of our school and your child’s education, and directly aides our teachers and the curriculum, PVS must also stay financially viable. Therefore, fundraising and financial support do go hand-in-hand with volunteerism and both are equally important.

Our total fundraising goal for the 2019-20 school year is $125,000. With the amount of funding we receive from the school district, as well as the additional expenses we are responsible for: building lease, facilities maintenance, instructional and learning materials, specialized staffing and programs- PVS receives only 80% of what a traditional public school receives per student.  This amounts to an average of $1,500 less per student per year. We must work together as a community to reach our annual fundraising goals so that our students will continue to receive the quality learning experiences we desire for them at PVS.

Donations & fundraising campaigns are the only way we are able to fill the gap between the funds provided by PPS and the funds needed to maintain our exceptional educational model. Your support helps ensure that all students receive this unique developmentally appropriate educational experience at Portland Village School. This includes providing high quality teaching and learning materials, special classes and programs such as handwork, music, movement, and foreign language, class field trips, and professionally trained teachers who receive ongoing professional development in Waldorf methods each year. 

How can you help support Portland Village School?

  • Materials/Activity Fee – This $195 fee per student will help offset the cost of high quality school supplies, activities and field trips.  These fees are tax deductible and due annually at the beginning of the school year.
  • Direct Donations– Donations from the PVS community, family, and friends are tax deductible and can be paid once or in smaller increments throughout the year.
  • Special Events – Participation in special events such as the PVS Auction, the Fun Run, Restaurant Nights, and the PVS Craft Fair.
  • Special Sales – By purchasing items (plants, wreaths, etc.) where a percentage of the proceeds go back to supporting the school.