Ms. Ann Marie Vitti » Bio


I grew up on the east coast on Long Island in New York.  My adventurous self moved to Oregon at 17 years old and settled for a while in and near Corvallis, Oregon.  It was there that I graduated from high school and began my “school of life” instruction. After I had married and gave birth to three beautiful children, I found myself being very involved in their education and started volunteering in classrooms as often as possible.  I knew that a career in teaching was for me. I began my education at the local community college and then graduated from Western Oregon State College. In my teaching, I loved integrating the arts wherever possible and was inspired by a workshop to pursue a master’s degree in integrated arts curriculum and development.  I attended weekend seminars to attain my masters degree from Lesley University while I worked at Head Start. The obvious next step was Portland Village School, a perfect fit. When I am not teaching, I love the outdoors, gardening, hiking and spending time with my grandchildren. I also love to travel and have been to Chile and South Africa so far but cannot wait to venture out and visit every place on my bucket list!