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I have been a teacher all my adult life, in a variety of settings for both children and adults. I had a B.A. in Child Development from Sarah Lawrence College, and when I learned of Waldorf education I was relieved to find that the educational approach I had dreamed of already existed. In Findhorn Scotland, I helped to develop a children’s program and Waldorf school, so as I raised my own children I continued to apply my understanding of Waldorf education as teacher and as a home educator. After completing my Waldorf teacher training, public school teaching certification, and M.Ed. at Antioch New England Graduate School I became a class teacher at Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Colorado. I taught at the Moray Steiner School in Findhorn as class teacher, Educational Coordinator and Learning Support Coordinator for 13 years. I realized that Waldorf education needs to be updated and broadened to meet the needs of children in our current world, so when I returned to the US a year ago I was delighted to find Portland Village School, and I immediately recognized its potential in being part of the essential task of ensuring that Waldorf education remains relevant and vibrant into the future.  In my free time, I love taking walks in the woods and at the beach, singing with a women’s a cappella group, playing music, reading and playing with my four-year-old grandson.