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Dear PVS Families,

As a parent of a student who has attended PVS over the last 5 years, I am honored to help kick off this year’s annual appeal. Our daughter started in kindergarten and quickly immersed herself in the sweet rhythms of the youngest PVS students. From the beginning, the storytelling, outdoor play, singing and arts-inspired curriculum suited every part of her. In our search for the right school, our family focused on finding an environment where her imagination and emotional growth would be respected and encouraged. I am so grateful that PVS has continued to be this fit for our family. Having access to this free education is a privilege! I ask you to join me in supporting our amazing school.


- Brenda Fowler, parent of Eleanor (3rd grade)


Join us this Giving Tuesday as we kick off our Annual Appeal Fundraiser! To achieve our mission of providing Waldorf inspired education for free, we need your help. If every family gives, we will get there together! 

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As a public charter school PVS receives 77.6% of the state funding of PPS neighborhood schools. The amount of per student state funding changes multiple times during the school year, can be decreased, is based on enrollment, and can be reduced retroactively. As a public charter we are also required to maintain financial stability as one of the statutory requirements for Charter renewal in ORS 338.065(8)(a)(D). Maintaining this stability with an unstable funding model makes budgeting difficult so PVS relies on fundraising to fill in those gaps.


To donate today go to the PVS homepage and click on donate now or turn in the attached form to the front office with your pledge.


While $120 donation per child will quickly get us to our goal any amount is welcome and we are grateful for anything you are able to give!


Thank you for your continued support!



Your PVS Fundraising Committee