Ms. Dena Lundgreen » Bio


I am one of those lucky people who had an idyllic childhood. Born and raised in Indiana by southern parents, I spent most of my childhood riding my bike until the street lights came on, catching lightning-bugs in Ball jars, swimming in cool lakes, and wearing a snowsuit just to walk to school in the dead of a Midwest winter!  Although I have visited every state, but Hawaii, I’ve lived in Florida, Illinois, Utah, and Oregon. I have one son, Tristan, who is currently a metallurgical engineering student at the University of Utah.


I went to college in Utah as well where I received a bachelors in psychology with a women’s studies minor, a masters in elementary education, and earned an administrative license in school leadership.

I am fortunate to have found my passion and life’s work.  Not only have I had the fortune of giving birth to a Waldorf-inspired public charter school of my own, but was a classroom teacher, a teacher mentor and reading specialist, lead content designer for an international curriculum company, wrote a 6-12 ESL/ELL program, and created the Waldorf program and character education program at the school I founded.  When I’m not busy, I help other people write charters and do recruiting for charter schools all over the country.


I feel very blessed to be the Executive Director of PVS. Walking through its buildings takes me back to my own public education where I was taught by compassionate dedicated teachers and where my inner life was enriched by an inclusive and loving community. Those formative childhood experiences are what drew me to education and specifically to charter school development and administration. I look forward to a long and bright future with PVS!