Ms. Deanna Atkinson » Bio


I grew up in the Rocky Mountains. My love for nature grew from hiking, biking, and just laying in the beautiful Colorado sunshine. I moved to Oregon to attend Concordia University and graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Education. Traveling to different parts of the world, like Hong Kong and the Ukraine, to work with children in schools and orphanages is what originally pushed me towards education. When I found Waldorf I knew I had found the pedagogy that I could connect with and envelop. My very first class is the class I am currently taking through 8th grade. When our time together is over, we will have spent 4 years together. This style of teaching allows us to grow together, challenge each other, and learn from one another. I can be found on any given day soaking up sunshine or snuggling one of my sweet animals: Babbz the dog or Woodsipher and Turkleton the cats.