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Beeswax Crayons

Materials Pick Up

Dr J Email Update 9/5/20


Next week your grades teacher and specialists will have materials pick up times. For all grades (except 1st), this pick up will be via drive through. At your assigned time, please drive through the upper playground parking lot (on Deleware between the two school buildings.)  

  1. Pull up to the area marked with your teacher’s name

    1. lower school teachers will be on the lower school side

    2. upper school teachers will be on the upper school side

    3. specialists will have materials for pick up as well out all week

  2. When you are the first car in line, turn off your engine, and walk to pick up the materials from your teacher. 


Returning students: 

  • please bring crayon, and colored pencil pouches OR take note of the colors you are missing. We will have individual colors out so returning students can refill their missing colors. 

New students: 

  • will be given their own pouches and colored pencil sets during materials hand out. 

All PVS students will receive (or refill) the following: 

  • Main lesson materials (main lesson books and papers) 

  • Beeswax crayons, and or colored pencils according to their ages

  • Watercolor paint - please bring jars with lids for holding the paint!

  • Painting paper

  • Paint brushes*

  • Math workbooks 1-8th. Kinder math number games

  • Pencils

  • Erasers

Depending on the grade, teachers will have other materials they may choose to send home with families. 


*Some materials may need to be returned to school once we are able to learn in person again. These items will be noted on an inventory list your teacher will share with you during pick up.
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PVS Reopening Update from Dr J
August 21, 2020
Dear PVS Families,
I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.
Firstly, I want to thank you for your patience in waiting to learn more about our comprehensive distance learning model. A team of nine PVS teachers and administrators worked tirelessly to craft a learning plan that is as simple and supportive as possible, while centering our Waldorf educational model, relationships, academic learning and meeting state requirements. Below you will find this framework, my apologies for the length of the document, and you will find answers to some burning questions.
I want to thank the amazing PVS office and support staff who have been working tirelessly to get our school ready for the start of the year. As they can attest, the playground parking lot is a busy place these days as PVS teachers begin to return to the buildings to plan and reset their classrooms for Comprehensive Distance Learning. We love seeing our teachers again and we can't wait to see your children's shining faces!
All my best,
~ Dr. J
CDL Online Learning Framework For PVS 
PVS recognizes the importance of a streamlined learning model to support families during Comprehensive Distance Learning CDL. To support those families helping multiple learners, we have enacted a School Wide Daily and Specials Schedule. This will allow families to have multiple children engaging in the same kind of work at the same time of the day. Some of this content will be in the form of videoed lessons, with at least one live synchronous interaction opportunity a day. For those families who are unable to access this content or the live session during the scheduled hours, the content and recorded live session will be found in each child’s google classroom. 
School Wide Daily Schedule: 
9:00 - 10:30 Main Lesson
10:30 - 10:45 Snack / Brain Break
10:45 - 11:30 Math 
11:30 - 12:00 Extra Lesson 
12:00-1:00 Lunch, Play, Rest
1:00 on Special Subjects and Applied Learning Time
School Wide Specials Schedule: 
Monday: Handwork 
Tuesday: Movement
Wednesday: Spanish 
Thursday: Music
Friday: Movement & Health (if applicable)  
Special subject teachers will have regular office hours in the afternoon of their specials day - more information on that follow. 
State Requirements
Curriculum: the state is requiring teachers to teach a year’s worth of curriculum in a year’s time. This means that students will be engaging in standards based instruction everyday. Below are the minimum state minutes of instruction.
K-3: 2 hours and 20 min. a day of CCSS based teacher facilitated instruction. 
4-8: 2 hours and 30 min. a day of CCSS based teacher facilitated instruction. 
Attendance: Daily attendance will be taken through interaction between teacher and student via google classroom. Attendance will be entered every afternoon. Students who are unable to interact with google classroom before the daily attendance is entered, will have 24 hours to complete the interaction to be counted as presentand their attendance status will be changed to present. If your child is sick - please call the office to have them marked as excused for the day. 
Grading: Students will be graded following PVS’s typical grading system - we will not be giving pass/incomplete grades this year. 
Online Learning vs. “Screen Time” 
As a parent, I have worked to limit screen time for my children and I know many of you have too. My husband and I made the parental choice to eliminate cartoons and limit actor performed movies and T.V. as we felt they were over stimulating, moved at a superhuman pace, jump from shot to shot and context to context, not to mention all the snarkiness! BUT, If we value less screen time, what does this say then for online learning? 
It is important in this moment of COVID to distinguish Online Learning from “Screen Time.” 
Online Learning with video and live streaming is the closest thing we can give you in this moment to having a teacher in the room with your child. Our videos and live streams will move at the pace of human beings, and be led by our wonderful teachers who are committed to make the learning human, connected and alive!  
What Is PVS Online Learning Time? 
When we refer to Online Learning we are thinking for example about these kinds of learning activities: 
  • Videoed lessons
  • Streamed lessons or meetings - whole group, small group or one on one
  • Checking google classroom assignments
  • Reading an article online
  • Responding through google classroom to an attendance question or prompt
  • Practicing a skill using online systems such as Kahn Academy or Dance Mat Typing.
  • Typing an essay, researching using a search engine etc. 
Your child will participate in a combination of online learning (including videoed and live streamed content) each day, AS WELL AS completing assignments in their main lesson book, math workbook, reading or listening to a story, and working on special subject assignments, playing, eating, resting and creating.
While we recognize the importance of using technology in this moment, we have made commitments to our families about the maximum amount of daily Online Learning your child will engage with by grade level. 
Grade Maximum amount of Online Learning per Day 
Kinder = 30 min
1-2 = 90 min. 15 for specials, 1 hour and 15 for classroom teacher
3  = 105 min. 15 for specials, 1 hour and 30 minutes for classroom teacher
4-6 = 120 minutes per day 
7-8 = 150 minutes per day 
What if I still want less Online Learning time? 
Check out our COVID FAQ’s section on our website for more ideas! 
Google Classroom - It’s Where We Learn!
All assignments, learning, links, posts etc. will be conducted in or posted to your child’s Google Classroom. This is the google account that ends in You will need to have joined the google classroom to access this content. If you have not already joined the google classroom your teacher will be sending an invite, please join these classes so your child can engage in the learning process this year.  
Teacher Collaboration 
Portland Village School staff are fortunate to work in a “double track” public Waldorf school, with two teachers per grade level. This allows for teacher collaboration, and sharing of expertise. In healthy school climates, staff share the responsibilities for all children - they are not “mine” and “yours”, they are OURS! 
This year, you can expect to see your children interacting with both teachers from their grade level. Teachers may create videos for the whole grade level, may lead groups combining students from different classes or even grades at times to support small group instruction at each child’s just right learning level. 
Soft Start to the Year 
PVS will spend the first two weeks centering learning around developing relationships and building community and connection, learning how to use the online learning tools and google classroom, how to be a safe, respectful and responsible digital citizen, and getting an idea of how your child is doing emotionally, and academically. During this time, the learning day may not necessarily fit the School Wide Schedule. We thank you for understanding the importance of centering relationships, emotional health, and setting the stage for our engaging, rigorous learning later in the month
Materials Pick-up 
We will be offering regular pick up of materials and supplies. Our first pick up dates will be the first week of schoolSeptember 8-11th. Schedule and signups will go out next week. There may be others on a class by class and grade by grade basis as necessary. More information coming next week.
Important Dates  
In case you've missed it on our website - here are some important dates!
First day of School for students: Tuesday September 8th 
Back to School Night VIA ZOOM: Tuesday September 15th 6:00-8:00 
Welcoming and introductions 6-6:20
Session 1 6:30 -7:10 
Session 2 7:15-7:55 
All sessions over at 8:00 pm 
Free and Reduced Lunch Program
All Village School Students are able to participate in PPS’s free lunch pick up as sites throughout the Portland School District. 
Additionally, PVS is working on developing a box pick up for a week of lunch and breakfasts for PVS students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
How do I qualify? If you have qualified for free and reduced lunch through applying for SNAP, TANF or FDPIR, you will be contacted shortly with more information about our weekly box pick up. If you believe your family may qualify for free and reduced lunch benefits, please contact Sherry O’Conner for more information. 
Parent Learning
This year the PVS staff and the state of Oregon recognize that parent connection is more important than ever in the era of COVID. This year we will have regular monthly parent meetings to support families with distance learning (with the exception of December.) 
In addition to regular class meetings, we are offering online parent Waldorf education led by our amazing teachers around:
  • How to create an environment for learning in your home
  • How to support your child with Main Lesson
  • Activism within the home
  • View of the child from a Waldorf perspective
  • A Waldorf approach to reading
  • The art of Waldorf teaching 
Other learning opportunities centered on equity will be led by community members and consultants from the Center for Equity and Inclusion and Resolutions Northwest and include work on: 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Identity and Anti-Racism
  • Centering experiences of BIPOC community members in a white dominated community
  • “Am I a Karen?” 
More information on these learning opportunities will be coming soon.
Chromebooks & Connectivity: 
Did you know your child can borrow a chrome book for free from PVS? It’s true! This year you will pick up or exchange chrome books at our front office. We are still waiting to hear back from PPS about when we can distribute chrome books - more information to follow. 
Based on feedback from the 193 responses we received from parents, PVS families are generally able to support multiple learners online at a time. We are committed to assisting any family who needs help. If you are struggling with connectivity and internet access, please contact Counselor Sean O’Leary
Attendance & Engagement: 
We are here to help you! Online learning is hard for working families. This year, we are partnering with our amazing educational assistants to help engage students. Does your child need a daily check in from a caring PVS staff member to keep on track? Needing ideas for incentives or monitoring work? If you are struggling with attendance or engagement please contact your teacher or Sean O’Leary
Needs, Health & Safety
Is your family needing help with obtaining food, shelter, paying utility bills, or needing medical care? We are working to connect PVS families with wrap around supports. Do you need assistance in filling out SNAP and TANF applications? What would help your child to be safe, secure and ready to learn? If you are in need of assistance meeting basic needs please contact your teacher or Counselor Sean O’Leary
Letter to the PVS Community from Dr J
August 7, 2020
Dear PVS Families,
We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.
Now that the reality of Comprehensive Distance Learning for the fall for Multnomah County residents is sinking in, one question that has been bubbling up is...
"Should we just homeschool next year?"
While I completely understand the challenges of balancing distance learning for your children and working from home, the benefits of staying a part of the PVS community may well outweigh the challenges.
Benefits to Staying:
  • Your child will have a place at PVS when we return to learning in a traditional way. I have every faith that humanity will overcome this obstacle and be back in school 5 days a week in the future - when that happens, I want my kids to be at PVS!
  • Your child will maintain relationships with friends, and teachers. Many of you have joined the Village School because of our commitment to centering relationships, we are committed to keeping relationship centered during distance learning. You can expect regular weekly interactions with teachers and peers during comprehensive distance learning.
  • You have access to quality Waldorf instruction led by experienced teachers. Even as a trained educator I know I have my limitations. As a parent I can supplement as I choose and am able, BUT I can use the expertise of PVS teaching staff to guide my child's learning AND that learning is planned already, is engaging, integrated, and follows Waldorf lesson blocks and uses Waldorf materials.
  • Maintaining continuity and providing stability is reassuring for children. Right now everything is changing or has changed - by staying a part of PVS your child will have the security of as close to regular school as we can get for now.
As a PVS parent, I anticipate there will be some school assignments and activities that we do very well at as a family, and others that are a challenge for us, and I imagine it will be that way for all of you too. I plan to stay in contact with my teachers, let them know where our struggles are, do our best, and give myself and my children some grace.
Looking forward to seeing you all in the fall - even if it's over Zoom!
With all my best,
~ Dr. J
PVS will be implementing Comprehensive Distance Learning from September 8th - November 27th
Please note: All PVS families have the option of having their child continue with online instruction only even if PVS is able to open an in-person hybrid model further into the 2020-2021 school year.
Portland Public School District Update for Fall Opening 
July 20, 2020

Dear PPS Families,

We know you are eager to learn how students will safely begin school in the fall. The start of this school year is especially complex as we continue to adjust to the most up-to-date information from state and local education and health leaders. In the meantime, you can find more information about our planning process in our July 11 message (below on this page) to families and staff. 


Please remember: we will only reopen school buildings if we can safely do soIf we are not able to safely open school buildings, all teaching and learning for every student will take place virtually/online until it is safe to return to school in person.


As we work on our reopening plans, we are taking into account the different needs of our students, including the support required for our students with special needs. We are also observing our guiding principles and Theory of Action, paying particular attention to how we can prioritize our students who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic; specifically our Black, Indigenous and students of color. 


PPS website Fall Reopening update for July, 20, 2020 here.

Waldorf Star
Comprehensive Distance Learning Plan for Fall
July 31, 2020
Dear PVS Families,
We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.
PVS faculty and staff have been working hard behind the scenes to plan for a safe return to school this fall. During this process, PVS reached a similar conclusion to that of the state, in Portland we could not safely have any form of in person learning for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. Accordingly:
PVS will be implementing Comprehensive Distance Learning from September 8th - November 27th.
We know this news will bring relief for some as well as new challenges, but we are committed to following the safest course for our students, staff and community. As educators, we thrive on our interactions with our students, and crave a return to what we used to know and love about school, however we also recognize that this is the best decision for our community at this time.
In October PVS will review the data and make a determination in collaboration with local health authorities and ODE about continuing with Comprehensive Distance Learning into January or entering into a hybrid model if it is safe to do so. We will be sharing our plan update with families no later than October 20th.
Please note: All PVS families have the option of having their child continue with online instruction only even if PVS is able to open an in-person hybrid model.
You should know that while our digital learning model last spring set the stage for this fall, our online instruction starting in September will be more comprehensive with clearer guidelines about what is expected from teachers and students. There will be increased interactions and feedback on academics across multiple subjects during the week, grades will be given and attendance will be taken. In addition to academic learning, we will be centering our focus on emotional and social supports for students and families, and maintaining a commitment to equity and social justice in our practices. PVS staff are working on developing these guidelines and procedures and we will be sharing more with you later in August as our instructional model takes shape.
Additionally, we are developing a COVID-19 tab on our webpage, and will be updating this with more information regularly.
Lastly I want to thank you for your patience, understanding and continued commitment to PVS. As a parent I have personally struggled with questions of safety for my own children as well as my staff, while also knowing the importance of in person learning for my kids. I am certain that many of you also feel these competing priorities within your own families.
Please know that we are dedicated to growing and learning during difficult time, and the staff is energized about the possibilities of developing an engaging, Public Waldorf learning experience for our students this fall.
With all my best,
~ Dr. J
Fall reopening plans are evolving
A Message from our Executive Director
June 26th, 2020
Dear PVS Families,
We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.
This spring we all faced extraordinary challenges to meet the needs of our students, staff and families in the crisis of COVID. Through incredible effort and flexibility we were able to rise to this challenge as a community. Now PVS is preparing for our safe return to school next fall. Our children need access to an equitable, high quality education and all the nutrition, health, and social supports that come with it; at Portland Village School we are designing a re-entry plan that will safely meet these needs.
On June 10, 2020, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released Ready Schools Safe Learners guidance that puts forward the requirements and recommendations we are using to plan for next fall; for more in-depth information about ODE's plan, click the link above. Oregon Health Authority epidemiologists helped create and vet this guidance so that we could have clear health and safety protocols to follow for a variety of scenarios. The guidance describes what we know now, with an understanding that we will all need to navigate the state’s evolving efforts to mitigate COVID-19. ODE’s focus is on the safe reentry of students and staff to school.
PVS administration and staff are developing a first draft of our Operational Blueprint for Reentry so we can prepare for students to come back to school this fall. PVS will be using a hybrid model of instruction next year - this model will allow us to use a combination of in person and online learning throughout the week.
There are a few things to know about school in 2020-2021 - please know this is not an inclusive list, rather this was the information families might need to have in order to answer the survey questions to the best of their ability:
Safety Path:
  • Only essential students and staff will be allowed entry into the school buildings
  • School start and end times will be staggered by class next year, to avoid crowding
  • Health screenings will occur prior to student and staff entry in the buildings
  • Each cohort of students will have a contact log to be used by health authorities for contact tracing should the need arise
  • Upon entry of the classroom or school everyone will use hand sanitizer
  • Rooms have maximum capacity - capacity is determined by 35 sq. feet of usable space per person per room
  • Students will be physically distant (6 feet away) from their peers during their time at school
  • Students will be in assigned seats, using their own individual supplies
  • Staff will be wearing PPE provided by the school
  • Children in grades K-5 are not required to wear any PPE, students in middle school grades may wear masks if they and their families choose (younger students may as well if they choose but ODE recognized this was harder for them in the guidance)
  • Classrooms with exterior doors will use these doors for entry and exit
  • Classrooms who need to use main doors for entry and exit will have assigned doors
  • Transitions will be limited and scheduled to avoid crowding
  • We will be moving to cold school lunch next year - and cold lunch will be delivered to each classroom
Learning Path Current Knowns- your input will help craft this plan:
  • All children will have access to learning, either using the hybrid model if they choose, or fully distant learning should that meet family needs better
  • Students using hybrid learning will be placed in small group stable cohorts for their in-person learning times
  • We will work to ensure siblings have the same cohort days
  • Due to space requirements for social distancing, we will not have more than half of a class (i.e. one cohort) in attendance at a time
  • We will provide synchronous live streamed learning, and video recorded learning of in-class instruction for those who are learning at home, either in real time, or at a later time.
  • Any online learning next fall will be graded for academics and effort and daily attendance will be taken for during for children working from home and those in the classroom.
  • Movement, Dance and Music are considered high risk activities because of the need for deep breathing, we have yet to develop what those specials will look like for next year, but they will likely be outside or only in a distance setting and look different from how they have non-COVID times.
We all agree that it would be ideal to return to school as we have had it in the past - our society is based on this model, but we recognize that this is not possible for our school at this time. We need your help to plan what will be the best hybrid learning model for our community - please fill out this survey to help us crafting our path forward.
Thank you for your contributions, energy, and patience as we work together to keep our PVS community safe, engaged, supported and learning.
All my best,
~ Dr. J