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Known as Mrs. Y to our students, I was born in Vancouver, Washington, and was raised in Portland, Oregon.  I have lived in Oregon all of my life.  I was an only child of older parents.  I had the honor of being raised by members of The Greatest Generation.  They had high expectations of me, and those expectations helped shape me into the person I am today.  My mom listened to Dixieland Jazz and Latin Music and my dad to Classical and Big Band.  They were my first music teachers, and I became a music teacher to honor them.  I have never regretted it!  Outside of work, I am a wife to Steve Yager, and a doggy mommy to Harley the Brindle Boston and Reggie the Red Boston.  I also work with a dog rescue nearby.  I enjoy fishing, rose gardening, sewing, and collecting glassware and pottery. I am really enjoying my time here at Portland Village School!  Thank you for including me in your community!