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More information through some common questions with their answers…

What are Waldorf methods?

Our educational approach is centered on a 3-4 week subject called the Main Lesson Block. Academic studies are integrated across disciplines such as art, science, math, and history. For example, seventh graders in a main history lesson block on the Renaissance Period might be studying the lives and times of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Rafael, while at the same time creating their own “text-books,” complete with their own writings, done in calligraphy, and drawings. They might also practice 3-part recorder music and recite poetry from the Renaissance, and, later the same day, study the laws of perspective in Math class. The next day, they would apply those laws in their own drawings or paintings.

How is a charter school different from a traditional public school?

A charter school is a public school that operates independently from its local school district, yet is still accountable for student achievement and operational performance. A charter school is funded on a per-student basis from state and local education tax funds and is bound by a legal contract (charter) with its sponsoring district.

The Portland Village School is sponsored by the Portland Public Schools District and our charter was approved by the Portland Public School (PPS) Board of Education.

Who is eligible to attend Portland Village School?

Charter schools, as non-tuition based government-funded public schools, are open to anyone residing in the state of Oregon. If more students apply than there are spaces available, admission is decided by a lottery. Priority is given to students residing in the Portland Public Schools district, but if spaces remain, students from outside the district are allowed to attend. Once a student is enrolled at the school, priority is also given to siblings. Age restrictions on public school students also apply to Portland Village School. Portland Village School does not practice early admission in kindergarten. Students must be 5 by or on September 1.

For the 2018-2019 school year, Portland Village School has Kindergarten – 8th grade, with two classes of each grade.

How can I reserve a spot for my child at Portland Village School?

To enroll your child at Portland Village School, you must submit an application during the open enrollment period. Open enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year begins in January, and closes in March (specific dates to come). You may obtain an application at one of the open houses, on our website, or at the front office. To be eligible, the student must reside within Portland Public School District, have the correct birth date, and have completed a current application, including 2 pieces of proof of residence and a copy of the birth certificate/passport.

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